Emily Yu Named Rising Star By Super Lawyers Magazine for 7th Year in a Row

Yu Family Law is pleased to share that Emily Yu has been selected as a 2021 Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine! Only 2.5% of Georgia attorneys under 40 are named as Rising Stars each year, which is why Emily is so honored to be receiving this distinction for the seventh year in a row!

Check out Emily’s feature in Super Lawyers Magazine HERE

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Yu Family Law 12 Tips of Christmas – 2020

It’s time for the Yu Family Law 12 Tips of Christmas!

The 12 tips of Christmas have been carefully designed by Atlanta Family Law Attorney, Emily Yu, to help families who are co-parenting through the holidays navigate the season with ease. These tips are practical, realistic, and helpful no matter if this is your first time experiencing a co-parenting Christmas, or you’re a seasoned professional. While this is an inevitably stressful time during a stressful year, the Yu Family Law 12 Tips of Christmas provides creative and useful ways to take some of the stress out of co-parenting during the holidays.

We’ll be releasing one tip a day from now until Christmas, so don’t forget to check back daily! ⏰


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What is work life balance anymore? 5 tips for managing work-life imbalance during COVID-19

Time to admit that work-life balance is not going to happen, at least not until school starts back (in-person because these kids need to get out of the house!!).  Take a deep breath and do the best you can.

It will probably not be pretty but here are some tips to help!


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The Co-parent’s Guide to COVID-19


The COVID-19 Pandemic has created a unique set of circumstances for us all, and especially for those who are co-parenting. In the midst of quarantining and Shelter-In-Place orders, it is important to understand how co-parenting is affected. It is COMPLETELY normal for co-parents to have questions and concerns about how to handle exchanging children and addressing parenting time during these unprecedented times.  

Yu Family Law is here to help! We are addressing many of the common questions surrounding co-parenting through the COVID-19 pandemic and are available via phone or email to answer any additional questions you may have!  (more…)

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Yu Family Law 12 Tips of Christmas – 2019


It’s time for the Yu Family Law 12 Tips of Christmas! The holidays are such a stressful time no matter what your family looks like. Those who are navigating co-parenting relationships or experiencing their first holiday as a separated or divorced family during the holidays inevitably face an additional type of holiday stress and sometimes grief. All 12 tips are designed to help alleviate some of that holiday stress and help everyone focus on all the joy that this holiday brings!


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2019 AVLF Guardian ad Litem Benefit


The Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation GAL benefit was fantastic! I got an opportunity to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while and meet new friends all in the name of promoting Guardian Ad Litem work. It was a wonderful evening contributing to our community and supporting nonprofits – and all while on the beautiful rooftop of Ponce City Market! (more…)

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Can I Be a Stay-At-Home Parent?


Many families discuss having one parent stay-at-home while the other parent goes to work a job outside the home.  There are many factors to consider when contemplating this decision for your family. From a Family Law perspective, Factor #3 (Can you return to your career later?) is important to think about as it relates to the issue of alimony during a divorce.  Although all Judges differ, Courts are more likely to Order what is called “rehabilitative alimony” which is alimony paid to a spouse to help them bet back into the workforce.  The type of career a parent is giving up, what it will take to get back into that career, and if that’s possible after taking time away, are other important factors to consider.

Click here to read a Forbes article that discusses these and other important factors when determining whether having a parent stay-at-home is right for your family.

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This too, shall pass.

This too, shall pass.


Happy Monday, everyone!  Change can be hard and frustrating but the truth is change is the only thing that is constant. With that being said, it is important that children experience change, learn to accept it, and continue to thrive.  This article reminds all of us, especially parents and parents going through life changes like a divorce or separation, that whatever the current stresses are in your life, “this too, shall pass.”

For those going through a family law issue or who believe they are headed into one, keep this mantra — and Yu Family Law — in mind!


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