Emily Yu Named 2016 Legal Elite

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Yu Family Law, LLC is very excited to announce that our very own Emily Yu has been selected by Georgia Trend Magazine as one of Georgia’s top Legal Elites of 2016!

Click here to read the whole article, and click here to see Emily’s name published in the magazine.


Can I Be a Stay-At-Home Parent?

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Many families discuss having one parent stay-at-home while the other parent goes to work a job outside the home.  There are many factors to consider when contemplating this decision for your family. From a Family Law perspective, Factor #3 (Can you return to your career later?) is important to think about as it relates to the issue of alimony during a divorce.  Although all Judges differ, Courts are more likely to Order what is called “rehabilitative alimony” which is alimony paid to a spouse to help them bet back into the workforce.  The type of career a parent is giving up, what it will take to get back into that career, and if that’s possible after taking time away, are other important factors to consider.

Click here to read a Forbes article that discusses these and other important factors when determining whether having a parent stay-at-home is right for your family.