How fortunate that luck handed me Emily Yu to represent me in the unpleasant task of negotiating a pre-nuptial with my beloved. It is a difficult process emotionally and her compassion and gentle patience was comforting. That is not to say she is airy-fairy. This attorney knows her stuff! And if she does not know something specific (as we were creative solutionalizing), she researches and finds out. While there are many aspects that I appreciate about Emily Yu, as a psychotherapist myself, I most appreciated her ability to listen, synthesize information and articulate her holistic impression of my position, both in words and impeccable writ. While it was necessary to support my side of things to my beloved, I felt very affirmed by Emily “getting it” and spelling it out. She gave me a sense of myself that is not always so easy to grasp. Her degree of empathy is special. She is well schooled, but what makes her stand out from other attorneys is what can never be taught at law school… a certain intuitive sensitivity and ability to connect dots that never could have without her insight and keen ability to perceive. She is warm, friendly and personable, yet professional. Bottom line: we got it done, rather swiftly… and my husband and I are on our way to “happily ever after”. As a practicing professional at helping people, I enthusiastically recommend Emily Yu for your Family law needs. Thank you Emily!