From the first moments of talking to Emily, you could tell that she wanted to help resolve the scenario I was thrust into as fairly as possible. The other side initially asked for the world on a platter, and while we could have fought back with a similar response- which would have definitely lead us to court, she took a level headed approach and subsequently saved lots of added expenses and stayed the voice of reason for both counsels. She was so meticulous that she often corrected not only spelling and grammatical errors on the opposite counsel’s documents, but checked them on requests that wouldn’t hold up in court- all without coming across as aggressive.

At times she stood firmly in some of her requests either to me or the other side, typically with warrant. Not once did she ever intimidate me, she always made me feel like we were working together and she particularly on my behalf towards a solution for my situation. I have interviewed a few other lawyers off here that had a bit more of an us vs. them approach and were a bit more hardened on an emotional level. Emily was just right- she knows the law very well, has a great team behind the scenes and works diligently to get what’s fair and will check you if you want to take something above that level. Some battles are worth fighting- others are not.

I feel like Emily is someone I can trust and I’d rather not see her again for the purposes that she serves, but I would certainly recommend her services to someone in a similar situation.