Emily Yu is the best Family Lawyer in Atlanta; I had a very complicated case that involved over-seas children custody. Emily has been very responsive to my emails and phone calls when I took trip over-seas. At that time I was not even her client, but she did not hesitate to give me the proper advice. I knew Emily through another person that went to the same FVIP class I went to, he told me that she is not just a good lawyer; she also has a good heart and very fair. He was very true. Emily is trustworthy, honest and very knowledgeable and she always kept me informed of what my best options were. My case with Emily has been finalized, but the last words she said to me” Good luck and please let me know how things go for you with you life”. Emily did a great job in my case, especially when I was lost, and needed help, she was accessible when I needed her advice. I think Emily is not just a good family lawyer, she is good and she actually cares for her clients especially when she sees that they are innocents. I would recommend Emily anyone that has a family issue and is seeking an experienced lawyer. Thank you Emily for assisting me and being there when I needed your help.