Gary, Client

Miracles don’t happen often. That’s why they are so precious.
When I found my children and myself in the most challenging situation in our lives – emotionally, financially, spiritually, and physically – I clearly knew I needed more than a lawyer – I needed a Human Being with a big heart.

I went through a list of at least 8 legal professionals, most of whom did not really see me or my children; their priorities were… well, different.

And then… there was Emily, whom God so generously placed on my life path.
How could I ever expect anyone to extend so much heart, compassion, understanding, care and genuine warmth.
Emily did.

I am your loyal friend for life, Emily, for standing by my side when I needed it most, and May God bless you and your loved ones for the good and love you keep bringing into this world by helping others in their toughest times.

Humbly and gratefully,