Kathryn, Client

Where do I begin? On an impulse, I married someone that I met on the internet who claimed to be of my faith. I am not a victim, as I accept my stupidity in this matter. For three years, I felt trapped and tormented by a person who was, of course, not what I thought he was via internet. It’s so strange because I do not consider myself an idiot. This situation compromised my ability to have friends, happiness, religion, and lastly, self esteem. My life evolved into pure misery as I was the provider and my animals were sad too. Finally, after three years of constant lies from my so-called husband, and finding him on dating sites talking to other women, I decided to divorce him. A good friend recommend Emily YU. Hiring her to be my attorney was the best decision that I have made in over three years!!! She was immediately on my side. For once in three years, I felt like I had someone who would listen to me. She was someone I could trust. She took. My case and handled it with complete professionalism. This woman takes charge of her clients, and she made me feel secure. I stopped worrying at night. Finally, I could sleep. She had me divorced in a snap. We didn’t even have to go to court. Hopefully, I will never need another divorce. If you feel trapped, disrespected, exhausted, or just loathe your spouse, please call Emily and her team. Erin Fox , her assistant, was also an incredible person to have on my side. Thank you Emily YU for setting me free. Today life is happy and back to walking dogs and doing hair with a smile on my face! You know when you’re in a bad marriage when you are sitting next to your spouse and you can’t even stand to feel his energy. When it’s time, do not hesitate to call Emily Yu! Thank YU!