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Yen, Client

Emily is Amazing! She is very honest and considerate. Unlike most of the lawyers I have consulted with, she responds to me timely and always thinks a few steps ahead for me and my daughter. Emily is not the cheapest lawyer, but she DEFINITELY deserves every penny she charges! My husband has a history of DV & alcohol abuse, and Emily came up with all the terms that are still protecting my daughter and me. My husband had to accomplish an anger management class and other therapies. Emily can be tough to the opposing attorney and be really gentle, willing-to-listen for you. The process involved many difficult decisions, and she was always willing to give me enough time to think. I highly commend Emily to whomever that is struggling like I was. She is always on your side and truly the best!

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Emily is a passionate Family Law attorney who has dedicated her practice to representing clients and families going through Family Law matters. Emotions run high in most family law cases and she strives to provide her clients with both thoughtful and realistic strategy and short term and long term goals. Read More